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You can make a difference in another person's life.

Even the simplest act of giving another person your attention can be extremely meaningful and validating. As a volunteer at Caring Manoa, your energy, enthusiasm, skills, and various interests can greatly benefit our residents.

We welcome and highly value our volunteers! We will happily work with you to schedule times that are convenient for you, and to pair your interests with opportunities to connect with our residents.

What kinds of volunteer opportunities are available here at Caring Manoa?

  • One-on-one interaction with residents: Many of our residents would enjoy the opportunity to chat with you. Additionally, some of our residents would enjoy playing a simple card game or participate in an art or craft activity.

  • Group Activities: We have morning and afternoon group activities, and a volunteer in our groups would increase the fun!

  • Music: Our residents enjoy music, so if you play the ukulele/guitar/keyboard/any other instrument, or if your instrument is your voice, let us know!

  • Other ideas? Let us know your ideas, and let’s see what we can work out!

What is required to become a volunteer?

The most important requirement is an interest in connecting with our residents, who range in age from late 60’s to 105 years of age. Apart from this, we do ask for health and TB clearance per Department of Health requirements.

When can I start?

Typically within a couple weeks of notifying us of your interest in volunteering.

Any questions?

Please contact Audrey Sanchez, Activities Leader, at

Caring Manoa Volunteers - Samantha.jpg

My grandmother in California has Alzheimer's disease and I visited her and kept her company after school every Thursday so my grandpa could do errands. When I moved to Hawaii to attend UH, I missed having that connection. I began volunteering at Caring Manoa to establish relationships like the one I have with my grandma. It has given me a tremendous sense of comfort during my adjustment to Hawaii, and it is such a warm environment. I learn so much from the residents and staff, and look forward to seeing them every week.

- Samantha D.

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