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Sharing Our Knowledge

Lighting others' candles to shine brightly

It is a plain fact that Hawaii's elders will need more care services than are currently available. With the coming 'Silver Tsunami' we fully realize that our capacity to provide care to the community only amounts to just a drop in the bucket. So we committed to make a bigger impact by sharing our knowledge and expertise to help seniors prepare for the future, regardless of whether or not they become one of our residents.

Since 2012, we have been assisting the community to understand elderly care issues in several ways:

Face-to-Face Consultation

Over the years, we have met with countless families to assist them to understand what care options exist and the factors to consider when evaluating those options for their needs. There is no substitute for first-hand experience and observing a care facility in person! If you are interested in a face-to-face consultation, please schedule with us.

Senior Fair

Each year since 2012 we have hosted an informational table at the Senior Fair (originally Hawaii's Good Life Expo) to raise awareness of elderly care issues and assist people seeking guidance how to choose among the various options.

Elderly Care Options Seminar

Since 2013 we have provided workshops and seminars to companies, churches, community organizations, and interest groups, to learn about the different types of elderly care options in Hawaii. If you would like to schedule a presentation, please contact us. You can also learn the basics about local care options here.

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Disaster Preparedness

Beginning in 2017, we have participated with Be Ready Manoa at various seminars and events to prepare our care home in case of emergency, and to raise awareness in the community about senior issues during a disaster.

Expert in Residence Program

In 2018 we launched a new program to connect experts in their field with our community at large.

Kupuna Care Pair

In 2021, Caring Manoa's President extended our elderly care awareness campaign and launched Kupuna Care Pair, a platform that combines our knowledge base with technology so families can find appropriate care more quickly and easily. Kupuna Care Pair's tools and knowledge base are free but priceless:

  • An anonymous self-service assessment tool helps families to determine which category of care (ie Assisted Living Facilities, Adult Residential Care Homes, etc.) would be most appropriate, based on care needs, budget, and personal preferences, but without the use of any sensitive information.

  • An extensive senior care knowledge base developed over years' helping our residents and their families hands on, with a comprehensive & interactive map of every licensed care facility and service across the State of Hawaii.

  • An Elderly Care Marketplace inspired by real estate MLS and hotel booking websites to make learning about and contacting specific facilities quick & easy for families.

Beginning in 2023, Honolulu C&C Elderly Affairs Division called upon Kupuna Care Pair to conduct public information support seminars on senior care options, services, and preparation to families in the community.

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