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Care in Hawaii:

Community Care Foster Family Homes

Affordable Nursing Care

"Foster Home"

Also known as


​For people who:

  • May require intermediate nursing care and/or possibly have limited assets.

  • Prioritize their level of care and budget over other considerations.

Potential Downsides

Potential Downsides:

  • Conditions generally basic.

  • Vast differences in quality and perception of quality.

Community Care Foster Care Homes – are an excellent option for people who appreciate the intimacy of living with a real family, who are introverted and may become overwhelmed by larger facilities, and/or who currently (or will eventually) require financial assistance from Medicaid. Foster care homes are limited to three residents, and the home must accept one of whom relies on Medicaid. Foster home residents are required to hire a separate Case Manager to oversee the care that he or she receives at the home.

Unfortunately, there is little standardization among foster homes and conditions can often be basic. It does not help that Medicaid reimbursements are almost always disproportionate below the foster home’s costs, and as a result, the other two residents paying privately often must subsidize the care of the resident relying on Medicaid. There is also sometimes a lack of stimulation or ability to socialize with the other residents residing at the home. But most foster families are able to bridge that gap, and many truly have the heart to care for their elderly residents.

For a list of Community Care Foster Family Homes in Hawaii, please visit the Office of Health Care Assurance State Licensing Section website.

** The above statements are opinions that reflect years of research conducted by Caring Manoa. The statements are for informational purposes only and are in no way meant to be used for medical, legal, or case management purposes.

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